Sitting by the window,
wondering what this day will bring,
I sat down to sing,
my story, being vulnerable and strong,
I hope it won’t be long.

Everyone has a different struggle,
Someone strives to feed their family,
and other nurses their ill-beloved,
but one out of many struggles to wake up
to start again despite being fed-up.

All those nights and days
of wonder and dismay,
trying to find someone to confide in,
I may not have problems as big as yours,
I may not be suffering from any physical pain,
but am I trapped in my own brain?

All those nights and days  
when I just want to run away,
as far as possible, from the society and the people.
The society requires me to be what I should be,
not what I could be.

Try to put on a mask, a mask of joy,                                                                                                    the mirror, however, reflects a dull face,
I realize everyone’s world is moving at a faster pace,                                                                    I am stuck because I do not belong here
but out there somewhere.

Trembling and shaking,
my world’s quaking,
Who am I?
I am a voice of many,
but not a lot, I am lost in the crowd,
trying to express myself for the first time out loud.




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