no more doubts…

My heart’s fire is kindled,

while I stand here bewildered.

My hunger to explore,

my soul is embellished to its core,

feeding on my mind’s joyous screams,

while thinking of all it dreams.


My body quivers,

when I think of my potential future/s.

What’s next I am not sure,

but my passion makes me lure.

My love for life is new

and for once this doesn’t feel askew.


Looking down at what might have changed,

what I have gained,

for the first time, I didn’t think

I didn’t worry that I will sink.

I hear the world calling for me,

still anxious, but ready to see,

what my ambitions mean!


My mind is still fretting,

my conscious is still haunting,

my palms still sweat,

But now my fears don’t pose a big threat.

My world is mending

and I am not bailing.


For once my brain aligns with my heart,

while embracing my part

in the game of life,

now the feeling of love is rife.

Hopefully, I won’t start another bout

of self-doubt.